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Battery Charging Station

A station or device that provides power to charge the batteries of an electric vehicles that are again classified according to output voltage and the rate at which they can charge a battery is the plug-in electric vehicle charging station.

Your Value Proposition

Remotely control the station via the dashboard

Driver Mobile Application to locate and access the station

Monitor and track batteries with the software support

Switch on/off through mobile application

Real time monitoring of electricity consumption


Battery Swapping Station

A battery swapping station is a place where an electric vehicle’s discharged battery can be immediately swapped for a fully charged one, eliminating the delay involved in waiting for the vehicles battery to charge.

Your Value Proposition

Customizable -Configurable to customer specifications of battery size, number of doors and battery specifications.

Smart -Remotely track metrics like cycle count, SOC, energy consumption and payments through your dashboard.

Secure -Authenticate users via QR code verification. The inbuilt alarm detects unauthorized batteries.

Battery Swap Station – Software support

Manages all Swap Stations

Remotely controls the Swap Station via dashboard

Monitors and tracks batteries

Driver mobile application to locate and access the Swap Station

General Specification

Power Input

  • Input Voltage - 240 VAC
  • Phase - Single Phase
  • Number of Connections - 1
  • Metering - Embedded meter
  • Electric Vehicle at a time, Supports all types of 2w/3w/4w
  • Output Voltage - 240 VAC
  • Phase - Single Phase
  • Output Current - 16A
  • Frequency - 50Hz
  • Connector Type - 3-pin Class-1/16. A water proof socket (IEC60309 socket option available)


  • Over Voltage Protection
  • Over Current Protection


  • Humidity - <95% relative humidity, non-condensing
  • Operating Temperature -5° C to 50°

Power Output

  • Monitoring over Platform


  • Mounting Type - Wall/Stand
  • Cooling - Natural Cooling


  • 60 cm*20 cm*10 cm


  • 12 Months

User Interface

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The two and three wheelers mark an excellent starting point for investing in the battery swapping industry. Given the compact form factor for both vehicles, swapping stations can easily pack 15-20 replacement batteries.

Electric vehicle charging stations offer a complete charging management solution to any business organization that wants to implement a charging stations for the betterment of the environment. The software support of the electric vehicles makes it easy to manage costs and their overall charging infrastructure.

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