Gozapx Charger

Terms & Conditions


  • During the time of delivery, a trained technician from Gozapx Charger will visit the premises to install the Charger.
  • Service cost for Installation is included in the price of Charger.
  • Additional charges might apply based on your customization like extended wiring, charging gun, GPS, personalized branding.


  • Charger is designed to eliminate fixed/recurring maintenance costs to the buyer.
  • However, in the unforeseen cases which require servicing, the buyer can raise maintenance requests through the Charger app or call the customer support to raise the service request.
  • Gozapx will respond to your service request within 72 hours of raising the request subject to proper cooperation from the buyer.
  • If the product is under the warranty period and falls under warranty terms, Gozapx will repair/service the equipment for free of cost.
  • In case if the product is out of warranty/doesn’t fall under warranty terms, then Gozapx will charge a service fee along with the cost of replacement/repair to the buyer based on case-to-case basis.
  • Any issues/requests pertaining to the software/mobile app will not incur additional expense to the buyer.


  • 1 year of warranty is applicable on Charger.
  • Warranty only includes manufacturing defects and component failures.
  • Warranty doesn’t include mechanical damages, wear and tear, product painting, intentional sabotage, short-circuits, damages due to negligence, damages due to acts of good.
  • Warranty automatically applies to the above cases if the service claim is raised within 1 year by the buyer. Invoice is required to Claim the warranty.
  • If any malfunctioned component failure/product is identified by the buyer and didn’t raise the service request within the warranty period, then warranty will not be applicable. Buyer is solely responsible for raising the issue and claiming warranty within the warranty period.
  • If buyer intends to extend the warranty, then he/she can purchase an extended warranty package offered by the company. Extended warranty has to be purchased within the warranty period of 1 year. The company offers the below two extended warranty packages,

- 1 year extended warranty costs: Rs. 3000

- 2 year extended warranty costs: Rs. 5000

  • Transaction Fee

- Gozapx charges a transaction fee of 20% on the Gross Margin from every charging session which happens on the Charger.

- Gross Margin per charging session = Gross Revenue per Charging session – Electric cost incurred per charging session.

Price Setting, Revenue tracking and Remittance

  • Buyer can anytime set the charging price for his Charger inside the Charger app.
  • Post deduction of electricity costs, transaction fee and applicable taxes, company will remit the remaining money received from the charging customer to the buyer. The cost of electricity will be calculated based on the units tracked by the in-built energy meter inside the Charger. Unit Rate of electricity at your premises will be taken into consideration.
  • Company will remit the money to the buyer on a fortnightly cycle i.e, Transactions recorded from 1st to 15th of a month will be remitted on 20th day of the month. Transactions recorded from 16th to end of the month will be remitted on 5th day of next month.
  • All the charging transactions can be viewed by the buyer on a real time basis inside the Charger app under the Host section.


  • Buyer should not promote any other brand on the charging station including his/her business.
  • Buyer should not remove/change the Charger branding on their Charger.
  • Gozapx holds right to change/update the branding on the Charger anytime.
  • No bills, painting, branding, lettering, invisible or visible modifications should be made to the product without written approval from Gozapx.


  • Gozapx doesn’t take liability on—mechanical damages, theft and vandalism, issues/damages due to weather and environmental reasons.
  • Gozapx is not liable to provide revenue earned from any sources of revenue other than charging of electric vehicles at charging station.
  • Buyer is liable to use the Charger only for the intended purpose of providing electric vehicle charging and not for any other purposes.
  • Gozapx is not liable for any direct or indirect damages to any person/property caused by mishandling of the unit.